Thanks to Seaton Enablement Fund

August 15th, 2014

We are so grateful for the continued support of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, long-time partners of Frontier Housing. They recently visited our office and took a tour of some of our developments.

Seaton Enablement Fund

Performing Magic

August 9th, 2014

“Making a sandwich was kind of a gamble.”
Can you imagine not being able to use your own kitchen? It’s been called the heart of the home, but you would steer clear of it too if your own heart might stop from black mold exposure. Morgan Mullins is deathly allergic, but that wasn’t his only problem. The home he rented was so unlivable that the City of Morehead was compelled to acquire it.The pre-HUD Code mobile home fell far below the standards of today’s building materials and specifications.

Henry & Mullins

Morgan and his partner, John Henry, won’t be there to say “good riddance!” because they will have moved on, into their own Frontier home.
According to Morgan, Frontier staff maintained consistent contact; face-to-face, over the phone and through email. “They made it their business not only to help us, but to educate us so that we could stand on our own without additional help,” he explained.
“Frontier performed magic for us,” Morgan said, “They finished way ahead of schedule and we have everything we need.” Believe it or not, their mortgage is nearly half of their previous rent payment. Since their new home is ENERGY STAR certified it performs better than other new homes in the market area and hugely better than their previous rental. Their utility payments are sure to be a fraction of what they were used to paying. Now they can entertain their social circle with grace and out of state guests as well. Standing in his pristine kitchen, Morgan took a deep breath and said, “Frontier Housing saved our lives.”

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Frontier at Rowan County Schools Employee Appreciation Breakfast

August 8th, 2014

Lemonade, anyone? We had a great time at the Rowan County Schools Employee Appreciation Breakfast! Thanks for inviting us to help kick off the school year!

Frontier at Rowan County

Frontier Attends Community Housing Development Training

July 14th, 2014

Frontier’s Ronda Utterback and Angie Allen have returned from a three-day Community Housing Development Organization training in Louisville. They were oriented to important rule changes to keep Frontier Housing ahead of the curve!

education 2014

Frontier urges Kentucky citizens to seek qualified housing counselors during National Homeownership Month

June 20th, 2014

Morehead, KY – This June, Frontier Housing urges Kentucky community members considering homeownership or looking for help with their current housing needs to seek out qualified housing counseling and education organizations.

“During National Homeownership Month and throughout the year, we must do all we can to ensure homeownership is not built on quick sand. Being as prepared as possible before taking on the responsibilities of homeownership is critical, and that’s where NeighborWorks® housing counseling comes in,” said Sherry Farley, President and CEO of Frontier Housing.

NeighborWorks® housing counselors can help prospective homebuyers access down payment assistance grants, put together a solid budget that clearly outlines housing and other expenses, and be there for homeowners after the home purchase with financial coaching and other help.

“Research released this past March shows how effective NeighborWorks® housing counseling is in reducing the likelihood of serious mortgage delinquency. But if a homeowner has fallen behind on his or her mortgage, foreclosure prevention counseling can also help,” said Farley.

With the help of a counselor, a homeowner can work with his or her lender to develop a reasonable action plan that will offer relief to the borrower. Lenders are often willing to work with a borrower to develop a plan of action designed to put the family back on the financial road to recovery.

More information about the financial education programs offered by Frontier can be found on the web at or by calling (606) 784-2131.

Frontier Housing, an affordable housing nonprofit for 40 years in eastern Kentucky, builds and develops single and multi-family housing. Frontier, a NeighborWorks® Network Homeownership Center with an Exemplary rating, is the largest residential builder in its service area and the largest nonprofit builder in Kentucky. As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a NeighborWorks® Full Cycle Lender, Frontier has a reputation of ensuring sustainable homeownership with low foreclosure rates of less than 1%.
Frontier has proven that when quality products are coupled with responsible lending, individuals of all incomes can be successful homeowners.

For more than 35 years, NeighborWorks® America has created opportunities for people to improve their lives and strengthen their communities by providing access to homeownership and to safe and affordable rental housing. NeighborWorks® America supports a network of more than 235 independent, community-based nonprofits located in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. In the last five years, NeighborWorks® organizations have generated more than $19.5 billion in reinvestment in these communities.